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Free translation tools

Free translation? Yes you heard that right! When you are unable to translate a text into a language of your choice and you find professional services beyond your reach, you can take the help of these free translation tools to at least get an idea of what the author of the text is talking about. Some of the free tools that have been randomly selected are listed here below.

1)      Google translate is a popular free tool for translating web pages in a no. of language pairs. It has been reviewed in detail in another blog. Similarly … Continue Reading

Trados translation software tool

Trados is one of the most popular translation software tools with more than 170,000 users worldwide (as per company website). It has been in existence since 25 years having been founded by Trados GmbH in 1984 as a language service provider. The founder company was acquired by SDL International in 2005. The latest version of Trados software is SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1.

The SDL Trados Studio 2009 is a set of software suite with 3 main components:

  • A module that can translate files, create and manage translation memories
  • A terminology tool called MultiTerm that stores approved … Continue Reading

Using glossaries for translation

A glossary is an alphabetical list of words with their meanings in different contexts. In the translation industry a glossary refers to bi/multi lingual terminology list that is often confused with a dictionary. There are many online glossaries available on the web which may be just static web pages or more sophisticated dynamic term search pages connected to a database. Glossaries are very useful tools for translators when he/she is stuck in finding a suitable word in the target language. They help in maintaining consistency in translations when a group of translators are involved in a … Continue Reading

Most Important Online Resources for Translator

The internet revolution brought information within easy access of every person. This has affected a great many professions, and a Translator’s profession is no exception to this. With growth in the number of available resources, the expectations from a translator have increased manifolds, and so have the challenges faced by the translators. Years ago, the clients and context would arrive to a translator from a local market with which he was well familiar. Face to face, communication with the client helped translators grab the substance of their work easily.

However, in the present scenario of a global market, communication with the … Continue Reading

10 Most Useful Tools for Freelance Translator

A freelance translator is a person who takes up language translation assignments from various sources and delivers it to his or her clients on time. He or she must be either a master of various languages or must have all the tools at hand for carrying out such linguistic translations on a daily basis. There are various tools on the web, present there to help such freelance translators and to make their job easier. These tools may be available to them for free or the softwares may charge them. Through these tools, the freelance translators are able to carry out … Continue Reading

The Limitations of Computers as Translation Tools

Computers are quite the popular assistant translation tools-particularly in the form of a translation software-in many a professional translation firm or individual translation service. However, these machines could never be advanced enough or intelligently programmed enough to do translation services on their own or overtake the human translation industry because of their design limitations and lack of cognitive abilities when it comes to translating ordinary human dialogue.

More to the point, computer translation tools are unable to handle new situations appropriately. This is a particularly vexing problem for programmers of such software because all languages evolve over … Continue Reading

Professional Translation as a Part-time Career?

Are you thinking about taking on a part-time job? Well, look no further. You can take professional translation as a career and enjoy its many benefits.

Professional translation is an interesting yet very challenging job. The interesting part in getting into this job is that you always get something different every time. Every project is as exciting as the next. You cannot expect the same thing with every document that you will need to translate. The challenging part, meanwhile, comes from the fact that languages from all over the world are entirely different from one another. Each language sets a tone … Continue Reading

Using Google Images to Translate Unknown Words

One important trait of a good translator is being resourceful. As has been said over and over again, translating documents from one language to another is not as simple as juggling the letters of the alphabet. When no direct translation of a word or phrase is available, you will have to resort into finding the best tool that will take you there.

Google Image Search as Translation Tool

Google, with its extensive line of service, has this feature that can help you out in cracking the meaning of words that you can’t find anywhere in the dictionary. Alas, you can use Google … Continue Reading

The Most Important Translation Tool: Book/Document Holder

Professional translation needs more than just skill to carry over the task efficiently. If this is something that you do for a living, you might as well spoil yourself with certain comforts that will make every translation project less taxing.

The document or book holder is your best friend if you are one of those people who are into the field of professional translation. It is created in such a way that will help you get rid of neck and back aches even if you spend long hours translating documents after documents.

Document holders are designed to allow you to sit upright … Continue Reading