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Transcreation the translation industry buzz word

Transcreation is the new buzzword heard in the translation industry nowadays. What is transcreation? It is derived from the words translation and creation. It means taking the concept of a text in one language and completely recreating it in another.

It is especially applicable to advertising and marketing business. International marketers involved in global advertising, localization or brand building are likely to be familiar with the term ‘transcreation’ Transcreation does not imply recreating a whole new advertising campaign in one or more languages or geographic regions. The original concept shall remain but it shall be reworded in the … Continue Reading

The Linguistic Approach to Translation

Different languages give different ways to look at the world but translation provides us the opportunity to explore and interact with these different views of the world. Translation refers to carrying the meaning of a text from one language to another. This process involves interpretation of meaning of the text and producing the same meaning in another language. Translation as an activity is actually as old as written language or text itself. However as a discipline of study it is comparatively new.

Since all word of one language may or may not have a corresponding word in the other language, Linguistic … Continue Reading

Integrating Localization, Globalization, and Translation Together

One of the main reasons why companies are so eager to adopt the Internet globalization paradigm into their marketing strategy is because it will theoretically help bring in a multitude of profit and intensify trade to a global scale. The ability to access a worldwide audience and become a multinational success is nearly every business’s dream, which is why they’re all willing to go through the trouble of looking for professional translation firms or freelance translation services that’ll provide them with either high-quality human translation or comprehensive human translation with a bit of machine … Continue Reading

Using a Proofreader as a “Second Opinion” for a Translator

Today, getting a document translated is easier than ever before.  However, companies and individuals are learning about the benefits of human translation services over machine translation services.  The accuracy achieved through human translation far outweighs those pursuant to machine translation, especially those services that are online and free of charge.

There’s another significant advantage that a professional translation service provides and that’s proofreading.  Not only can a document be translated into another language by a translation service, that same document can be proofread by the same service.

One of the questions that may come to mind for those who want to hire … Continue Reading

Professional Translation as a Part-time Career?

Are you thinking about taking on a part-time job? Well, look no further. You can take professional translation as a career and enjoy its many benefits.

Professional translation is an interesting yet very challenging job. The interesting part in getting into this job is that you always get something different every time. Every project is as exciting as the next. You cannot expect the same thing with every document that you will need to translate. The challenging part, meanwhile, comes from the fact that languages from all over the world are entirely different from one another. Each language sets a tone … Continue Reading

Using Google Images to Translate Unknown Words

One important trait of a good translator is being resourceful. As has been said over and over again, translating documents from one language to another is not as simple as juggling the letters of the alphabet. When no direct translation of a word or phrase is available, you will have to resort into finding the best tool that will take you there.

Google Image Search as Translation Tool

Google, with its extensive line of service, has this feature that can help you out in cracking the meaning of words that you can’t find anywhere in the dictionary. Alas, you can use Google … Continue Reading

Ways to Ensure the Quality of a Translation

Quality matters a lot. It can make or break a business goal. If you want to keep your business afloat and be in the thick of the competition, you should NEVER sacrifice quality for anything.

But some people do overlook the importance of quality, especially in translation. The common mistake is that they make the wrong impression. Different languages have different ways to tell many different things. It is safe to say that translation is not as easy as it may appear. Doing it word-for-word may just keep you off-track rather than on it.

For the most part, communication (misuse or lack … Continue Reading

Word of the day- April 27, 2009


Pronunciation-\kuh-PRISH-us; -PREE-shus\


Definition- Apt to change suddenly; whimsical; changeable.

Wiktionary- Impulsive and unpredictable; determined by chance, impulse, or whim; as, a capricious winterstorm, stringent rulers often act capriciously.

“Molly was a capricious woman. Her moods were unpredictable, her anger petty and vicious.”
Rand Roberts and James Olson, John Wayne: American

Word of the day- April 21, 2009


Pronunciation- \kwy-ES-uhnt; kwee-\


Definition- Being in a state of repose; at rest; still; inactive.

Wiktionary- Inactive, at rest, quiet.

Spanish- Quiescente
French- Repos
German- Ruhestrom

“A vicious but localized Sino-Japanese war raged around the Shanghai region through much of 1932. The conflict then settled into a quiescent phase for several years.”
– David M. Kennedy, “The Horror”, The Atlantic, April 1998

Word of the day- April 20, 2009


Pronunciation- \ih-KWIV-uh-kayt\

Intransitive verb