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Blog Translation – Does It Worth the Cost?

Translation of online content certainly has its pros and cons. Proponents of translation of online content cite the benefits of being able to reach a wider and deeper audience as being the foremost advantage of employing the use of blog translation services. Opponents of blog translation services have alluded to the cost being a negative aspect. However it is neither the reach nor the cost that is of the utmost concern from the outset. It is the reasoning behind why translation services are required in the first place. The objectives of blog owners must be clarified in order that the efficacy of blog translation services is objectively assessed.

The Benefits of Blog Translation Services

The most obvious benefit of blog translation services includes being able to have the blog available to a wider audience. The geographic reach of a translated blog is certainly far more extensive than the correspondingly limited appeal of a single-language website. Blog writers and blog owners have at their core the goal of reaching and perhaps influencing the opinions of as many readers as possible. This is not only enhanced by way of blog translation, it is almost assured. And while it is imperative that the blog translation services are as accurate and contextually correct as possible, even a somewhat poorly-translated blog has a definite edge over a single-language blog.

The overarching goals of the blog owner are paramount.  Should the blog owner wish to reach a larger audience within his/her community then it may bode well to research the dominant languages in the city and surrounds and employ the use of blog translation services. This is especially true in cosmopolitan environments where several languages dominate. And when an international audience is being targeted for marketing purposes, then it certainly makes sense to reach out to as many languages as possible. This is the way that successful small, medium and large enterprises do business.

But What About the Costs Involved?

The costs are a short-term expense when compared to the overall benefits.  If the blog has at its heart the goal of being non-commercial and no revenue is expected to be generated off the blog, then the costs are more of an issue. It must be said that the costs of translation memory software are affordable for the most part. Blogs needn’t actually initially have at their core the goal of income generation. But if a blog starts to develop significant traffic, then it becomes clear that it is a viable marketing tool. Advertisers are always looking to place links and short texts with links in highly popular blogs. This needn’t supersede the raison d’etre of the blog – or usurp it in any way.  Thus the goal of monetizing a blog is not necessarily an objective of a blog owner, but with the added benefit of translation services, this certainly becomes viable. Therefore it is safe to say that the benefits of blog translation services will almost always outweigh the costs.